This Day in History: All Hail Cherry Coke

While we love a straight bourbon or scotch as much as the next person (okay, maybe a little bit more), we can’t deny how fun it is to mix and match creative cocktails. Whatever the mood or occasion, throwing together mixtures of liquor and soda often yields delicious results. In honor of this day in history, February 19, 1985, when the Coca-Cola Company first introduced Cherry Coke (originally called Coca-Cola Cherry) to the world, we dug up some recipes that pay tribute to Cherry Coke, that slightly sweeter first cousin to the cocktail’s bff, Coca-Cola.

Cherry Coke was the beginning of different exercises in flavor for the Coca-Cola Company, including Vanilla Coke, Black Cherry Vanilla Coke, and other fruity flavors, many of which are not available in the U.S. today.

Have you experimented with flavored soft drinks in your cocktails or in your whiskey barrels? We want to know! Submit your recipes to blog@deepsouthbarrels.com, and let us know if you mix one of these up!

“Cherry Coke” Old-Fashioned

For this simple cocktail, adapted from a recipe from drinksmixer.com, all you need is 2 oz. of cherry vodka and 6 oz. of Cherry coke. Fill an old-fashioned glass half full of ice cubes, and pour in all the liquids. Shake gently from side to side and serve. The cherry flavor and the fizz of the soda makes this a good anytime drink - especially when reminiscing fondly about the 80's.


Copycat Cherry Cola

To mimic the taste of Cherry Cola without actually using it in the cocktail, try mixing up this yummy cocktail. Combine ¾ oz. of Amaretto, ¾ oz. of spiced rum in an old-fashioned glass. Fill it with Coca-Cola the rest of the way, and take a few sips before adding ice to the glass.


Added by Christina on February 19, 2015.