"Kounterfit" Essences

The days of distilling your own backyard moonshine are long gone, but with Deep South Barrels’ premium whiskey aging barrels and flavor infusions, you can get the next best thing. Our products give you the freedom to try new recipes and can even save you big by turning inexpensive booze into a top shelf quality spirit. Place your order and get started today, or keep browsing our online store to learn more!

Adding Flavor to Whiskey — How It Works

There are several ways to add flavor and improve the taste of bourbon, whiskey, scotch and other spirits. Aging them in an authentic whiskey barrel is one of the best options. Our oak barrels are available in a wide range of sizes and can even be personalized with your name or any other design or text.

When spirits are aged in oak barrels, they pick up tannic and vanilla notes that add a subtle complexity which can elevate even cheap booze into a premium finished product. As well, the porous oak wood aerates the liquor, making it smoother and more palatable. With DSB's small batch barrels, you can age high quality whiskey, rye or bourbon in as little as three weeks. Visit the Oak Barrels page in our online store to view our current selection of products and prices.

Using Whiskey Flavoring Essences

Our high-quality “Kounterfit” essences allow you to create name brand whiskey's, bourbon's, scotches, rum's and more at home from any neutral spirit. The perfect complement to our premium whiskey barrels, these essences take the aging process one step further by adding the same flavor components found in your favorite bourbons, ryes and other products. Start with vodka or any other type of alcohol with a neutral taste, add the favoring essence and end up with a top-shelf aged whiskey made entirely in the comfort of your home. Our Kounterfit flavoring essences are easy to use, adding just one extra step to the barrel aging process. Before filling the barrel, mix in the essence with the spirit of your choice. For aging whiskey, we recommend Kentucky-made TAAKA vodka — stay away from high-end spirits with a strong flavor profile, as they will color the finished product. Once your infusion is mixed in, simply age it the way you would any other spirit. Over time, the compounds in the infusion will complement the other processes occurring in the barrel, leaving you with a finished product to please even the most discerning drinkers.

Our Products

On this page you will find our complete selection of Kounterfit aging infusions. One bottle is enough to flavor up to 750mL of neutral spirit. Choose from popular flavors such as blended scotch whiskey, Tennessee bourbon and more. All essences have been designed to work specifically with our oak barrels, allowing you to create the best whiskey at home in as little as three weeks. Don't forget to save money by buying in bulk! Order 12 bottles or more at a time and receive a 12.5% discount. While you're at it, be sure to check out our Drinking Necessities and Barrel Invention pages for great gifts and other items you need to create the ultimate home whiskey aging experience.