Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Dad Who Has Everything

Picking out a gift for Father’s Day is a lot of responsibility. You want it to reflect the love and respect you have for your dad, and you want it to be useful and practical. You have already given your dad a gift for Father’s Day every year for as long as you can remember, so finding a unique gift can be a real challenge.

The key to coming up with a great Father’s Day gift is to think about what your dad likes to do. Every dad has a hobby or sport he enjoys. If your dad is not the sporting type, he probably spends his time reading, making things, or doing home repairs. Some dads are car guys, while others are couch potatoes. Here are gift ideas grouped by what dads like to do.


gifts for DIY dads


The DIY Dad

Gifts for DIY dads are easy to find because things like home improvement projects are popular on television. In fact, getting your dad some videos of popular home improvement shows would be a good start. You could also include some how-to videos on specific projects he plans to tackle. Even the most skilled carpenter will enjoy a refresher on certain techniques before starting his own project.

In addition to videos, consider books on various building topics. Project idea books with plenty of full-color photos make great gifts. If your dad is considering extending the deck, for instance, some idea books might excite him about the possibilities. You can find idea books for all types of projects, both outdoor and indoor.

If your dad is more of a reclaimed project kind of guy, consider giving him a piece of architectural salvage from a flea market. Imagine the uses your dad could dream up for an old mahogany null post or a ladder back chair that has seen better days. Your gift could become the inspiration for his next project.

All projects require materials and tools. Your dad might already have every tool known to man, but materials are another story. They are consumable, so materials for a project are always a good gift idea. If your dad is into woodworking, find him a beautiful piece of exotic wood. Reclaimed drawer pulls or knobs can make a good gift, too, and they have many uses.


custom cigar humidor barrel


The Cigar Aficionado

There are plenty of gift ideas for a man who enjoys a good cigar. Cigars themselves are a great consumable gift that you could repeat every year by simply varying the type or brand. For aficionados, the more exotic, the better. In addition to cigars sourced from faraway places, you could also give the gift of accessories.

The most important accessory for a real cigar lover is a humidor to keep his stock from drying out. A properly stored cigar gives an even burn and a mellow flavor. A real aficionado needs more than one humidor. A custom cigar humidor can be used to store some cigars while others are placed in a bourbon cigar infusion humidor to create a variety of flavors.

There are a number of different accessories you could buy for your dad, from clippers to ashtrays. Clippers can be designed to be more effective on different sized cigars, and they also get dull. If your dad already has a clipper, he could probably use another. Ashtrays and other cigar accessories come in different shapes and sizes. They are unique, and many of them are collectible.

Finally, a cigar should be lit with a big flame. Whether your dad prefers matches or a lighter is a personal preference. He’ll want a lighter with a large adjustable flame. If he is more of a matches guy, the matches should be wood and easy to strike. You have to hold a match for a while to get a good light on your cigar, so be sure the matches are long and slow-burning.


fathers day gifts for beer-drinking dads


The Beer Enthusiast

Beer certainly makes a good Father’s Dad gift for a man who enjoys it. It is a consumable gift that you can repeat each year. The key is to find something unique, new or nostalgic. A beer enthusiast is always up for trying a beer he has never tasted before. If you are not sure of his exact preferences, go with a variety pack. You might find various flavors from the same brewery packages together, or you can make your own gift pack by including several beers under the same label.

You may want to add some accessories to your gift of beer. There are collectable beer steins available that your dad may like. Some are meant for use and others are decorative. You can probably find one with your dad’s favorite brand on it or a clever saying. You can customize a beer stein for your dad, adding his name or picture to make a one-of-a-kind keepsake gift.

Many beer enthusiasts make their own beer. If your dad hasn’t tried this yet, he may enjoy it. You could get him a brewing kit with all the items he needs to make his home brew. If he is an experienced home brewer, you could always buy him some refill supplies. Special glass bottles, bottles cans, a manual capping device, and a batch of unique hops make good gifts for the beer enthusiast.

If your dad likes making his own home brew, he might also enjoy aging his own whiskey. The process is much simpler, but the results are equally as unique. You need a custom whiskey barrel to age your own whiskey. The home aging process can be used to flavor your own whiskey and make unique blends. You could get your dad started with a personalized whiskey barrel for Father’s Day.


healthy fathers day gifts


The Healthy Dad

Whether your dad is into clean food and healthy diet or fitness classes and working out, Father’s Day is a great opportunity to support his efforts. There are a number of different gifts to consider. Healthy food is a good place to start, but buy him more than an organic carrot — get him the whole farm.

Invest in a share at a local co-op for your dad. It’s a unique gift that provides healthy provisions for the entire season. Most co-ops have various ways to buy in. If a full share is too much, ask about a half share. Each co-op is different, and they can tell you approximately how much produce you can expect for each share.

If your dad is into fitness, consider a type of fitness monitor. Many dads are into gadgets and statistics, and a monitor delivers both. You could also buy him some fitness gear. Depending on what sport he plays, the gear may be expensive, but you can concentrate on accessories. Good socks that provide great arch support are one option. As people age, their feet require more support, and they tend to experience increased foot pain. You could also look into gloves designed to protect hands during certain workouts and fitness belts for back support.


fathers day gift guide 2017


The Dad Who Doesn't Know How to Cook

Cooking can be a fun and relaxing hobby, but if your dad doesn’t know how to cook, he’ll need your help. You could start by getting him some basic equipment like a manly apron, some long tongs for grilling and a good quality skillet. Any kitchen store is full of ideas for basic cooking equipment. Keep it simple, so your dad doesn’t become overwhelmed.

Another idea for the dad who doesn’t know how to cook is easy-to-use appliances. Rice cookers and bread makers do all the work for you. You simply put in the ingredients and push a button.

Cooking lessons would be a great gift, too. Some kitchen stores like Williams Sonoma offer cooking classes. You may also find available classes at your local technical school or community college. Planning a cooking lesson destination trip could be fun, too. There are several wineries and culinary schools around the country that offer weekend classes and accommodations for casual cooks.

If a cooking trip is a bit too much for your dad, consider cooking videos. Specific cooking lessons on video or videos of popular cooking shows would be useful. You can also find books about cooking that actually teach lessons on different cooking techniques. They are different from cookbooks full of recipes, but those are useful, too.


fathers day gift guide


The Tech-Savvy Dad

If your dad is into gadgets, you’re in luck. There is a gadget out there for everything from sleeping better to saving money. Try the new programmable thermostats that track energy usage and can be operated by your smartphone from anywhere in the world. There are a number of other devices that can be operated from a smartphone. Look into security cameras, lamp timers and remote control ceiling fans.

The fun thing about shopping for a tech-savvy dad is finding something he has never heard of and that none of his friends have. Consider a headband-mounted LED strobe light or a dashboard camera.


inexpensive fathers day gifts


The Frugal Dad

A frugal dad will be happiest knowing that you didn’t spend a lot on his gift. It doesn’t have to be cheap — but it should be a great deal. You might want to shop on auction websites or in antique stores or other places where you can find used items.

Used items can contain plenty of value. Baseball gloves, for instance, are better once they’re broken in. Other items, like sports trading cards, have hidden value. If you can buy something for less than it’s worth, your frugal dad will probably appreciate the story as much as the gift.


outdoorsman gifts


The Outdoorsman

A dad who likes to fish, hunt and camp can never have enough gear. Consider a manual coffee maker that uses k-cups. You simply insert the k-cup, pour in hot water and gravity does the rest. It certainly improves the quality of coffee around the campfire. There are also many multiple-use gadgets small enough to fit in his pocket. They usually combine several types of hand tools, screw drivers and can openers in one a handy little item.

Never underestimate a good pair of binoculars. Technology is making high-powered binoculars smaller and easier to carry — and less expensive. Upgrading your dad’s binoculars would make a great gift. In addition, consider getting him a new case for them.

Outdoorsmen usually carry a lot of gear with them, so a comfortable bag to carry — one with plenty of pockets to hold different things — is another good gift idea.


fathers day gift ideas 2017


The Intellectual Dad

Maybe your dad would rather read “The Wall Street Journal” from cover to cover than go outside and enjoy a baseball game. For an intellectual dad, you could start with a subscription to a business news periodical like “Baron’s” or “Financial Times.” If literature is more his thing, try “The New Yorker” or “The Atlantic.”

Consider your dad’s favorite author. You could also search for recent publications by similar authors and give one of those a try. There are also courses available online or on video in nearly every subject. A three-hour lecture on Civil War history might be exactly what makes your dad’s day.


water sports gifts for dad


The Water Sports Dad

Whether he is into sailing or yachting, there are plenty of ideas for your dad this Father’s Day. Think of the consumable items on a boat — the things you can never have enough of because they wear out and you need another one. Anything from lines to fender socks could become a good gift for your dad.

If he keeps his boat at a marina, consider under-writing some of his annual costs. There is dockage, winterizing, storage, maintenance, fuel and other services the marina provides. If your dad has a private dock, it requires regular maintenance and upkeep. He might appreciate some new corner bumpers to protect his boat the next time he brings it in a little too close.


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This guide should help you find your dad a Father’s Day gift he loves — one that shows him how important he is to you.