Manufacturers Limited Warranty

Is there a warranty on the barrels?

We offer a manufacturer's limited 2-year warranty on the barrel itself.   The manufacturer reserves the right to attempt alternate forms of fxing an issue with the barrel before deeming that a replacement is needed, for example a replacement spigot or barrel wax may resolve an issue without the need of a new barrel.

Under the following circumstances, your barrel might be replaced: 

  • If the barrel's staves or head cracks from normal pressure
  • If the barrel will not seal after proper curing upon initial receipt and we determine that barrel wax will not help you
  • If pin holes appear in the wood of the barrel.

To submit a warranty request please send the following information to customerservice@deepsouthbarrels.com

  • 3 photos of the barrel (1 of the issue. 1 of the barrel as a whole and 1 of the engraving if your barrel is engraved)
  • your original order/invoice number or where you purchased the barrel from
  • your current contact info (phone and shipping address)

The manufacturer has the right to refuse a replacement under the warranty period if for any reason we are made aware of the following.

  • the barrel was not filled and cured within the first 90 days of receipt of the barrel
  • a store order was not picked up within 90 days (as this will not allow you to fill the barrel in a timely manner)
  • the barrel was left empty for a period of time allowing the staves to dry out
  • barrel purchase was in excess of 2 years from the date of contact to the DSB office personel
  • customer has taken it upon themselves to try and "fix" and issue with means outside the warranty such as using glue, nails or other items to fix the barrel.