Flavor-Infused Cigars — What You Need to Know

Nothing complements a finely aged whiskey better than a cigar. Likewise, infusing a cigar with the essences of scotch, bourbon or other spirits is a great way to bring out the natural, robust smoothness of the best tobacco products.

Deep South Barrels sells everything you need to infuse tobacco, tea, coffee, chocolate and more at home with essences or spirits. The process is surprisingly easy, and it is sure to enhance your enjoyment. Keep reading to learn more!

Step One: Gather the Proper Equipment

Deep South Barrels sells everything you need for infusing dry goods at home. Of course, we are best known for our handcrafted white oak barrels, which are made right here in Pearland, TX by our expert cooper. Our special flavoring barrels come in 7 different sizes, perfect for infusing a variety of items at different mass amounts.

In addition to a quality barrel, to infuse dry goods at home you will need some kind of flavoring agent. This can be your favorite bourbon, sherry, rum or other liquor. Alternately, for an extra rich experience, our “Kounterfit” essences offer a more concentrated burst of flavor. Check out our complete lineup of essences for flavoring infusion in our online store — don't be afraid to experiment and discover new flavors.

Step Two: Season the Barrel

Properly seasoning the barrel is a major part of what gives your cigars their flavor. To do so, take a shot of liquor — or a bottle of one of our infused essences — and pour it into the barrel. Then, gently roll the barrel, allowing the liquid to coat the sides. Be careful not to spill any out.

Once coated, the barrel should sit for three to four hours while the wood absorbs the liquor or essence. When the surface of the barrel is no longer damp to the touch, place your dry goods inside and seal it up tightly.

Step Three: Wait

The wait may be the hardest part, but it's necessary for your dry goods to infuse properly. Leave your itemms sealed in the barrel for at least 24 with a max of 48 hours — the longer you wait, the more pronounced the flavor will be. During the infusion process, your liquor or essence of choice will combine with the natural flavor compounds present in the barrel wood, creating a unique, smooth and rich flavor that can elevate a cheap cigar, add that perfect note to your chocolate or tea and more.

Unless you have a special humidifying disk, or a sprayer for a cigar humidor, be sure not to keep your infused cigars in the barrel for too long. Either enjoy them right away or move them to a properly moisture-controlled environment.

Taking It to the Next Level

There's a fine art to infusing dry goods at home. With a DSB flavoring barrel and a little patience, your opportunities for experimenting are endless. We recommend taking notes or what you liked or disliked, using different flavors and essences, and trying out longer or shorting aging times. Ultimately, you are limited only by your imagination!

Ready to get started? Visit our online store to view our current inventory of barrels, essences for  infusion and more.