Top 5 Gifts for Your Groomsmen

Your big day is coming up fast, and your groomsmen have been there for you every step of the way. Gifts for groomsmen show the guys (or gals) in your wedding party just how much you appreciate them being there through the whole process. Groomsmen gifts should be fun with a practical aspect that fits the personalities of your groomsmen.

If you’re not sure what to give the men in your bridal party, check out our guide on unique groomsmen gifts perfect for all the men in the wedding.



1. Customized American Oak Barrels

Personalized groomsmen gifts are the perfect way to show you care, and our customized American oak aging barrels fit the groomsmen theme perfectly. Oak aging barrels take your bourbon or whiskey from average to aged perfection, often in a matter of weeks. The selected liquor tastes much more expensive than it was originally with a smooth flavor that makes it perfect for drinking.

DSB barrels come in a range of sizes, from one liter to 20 liters. A two-liter barrel is the perfect introductory size and fits well in your groomsmen’s home bars or kitchen countertops. If the groomsmen in your wedding party are more serious about their alcohol, consider going with a larger size to keep up with their alcohol demands.

We make all of our aging barrels with quality American white oak for rich flavor from the aging process. We don’t use any nails or glue to hold the barrels together. This means your groomsmen get pure oak flavor in their spirits without any extra flavors affecting the quality.

When you order a barrel from DSB for aging alcohol, you get the stand, bung and spigot, so your groomsmen can start aging alcohol right away. Even better, we offer laser engraving to customize each barrel. Add text in the font of your choice, with the option to position the text where you want it. Last names, nicknames and inside jokes add the perfect personal touch.

You can also add an image for even more customization. Use one of our stock designs or upload your own design. Our design tool makes it easy to get the exact look you want by customizing lettering and images and positioning them how you want them to appear. A bond between a groom and his groomsmen is special kind of “bromance”. Let them know you can’t say “I Do” without them with a 100% custom oak barrel.


2. Unique Wall Art

Give your groomsmen a practical gift they can admire forever when you choose a unique piece of wall art for them. Choose a piece of wall art that speaks to each groomsman’s personality and décor. Deep South Barrels offers several wall art designs that come from old wine barrel staves.

Check out these options from our collection:

  • Stave wall sign: For a custom gift, give each groomsman a stave wall sign. Vinyl lettering creates the saying of your choice on the sign, which is made out of section of a wine barrel stave. You can choose from a stock quote or customize them to fit each groomsman with your own saying.
  • Barrelhead wall hanging: Another great option for groomsmen gifts is the personalized wall hanging barrelhead. The barrelhead retains much of its rustic charm. Choose your custom laser engraving design to customize the wall hanging.

3. Unique Mugs

No groomsman can have too many beer mugs. Help your groomsmen expand their beer mug collections with unique mug options. Look for mugs shaped like objects that reflect the recipient’s personality or interests, or go with a classic design, like a boot-shaped beer mug. Other ideas include a beer flight set, an engraved beer stein or a custom growler.

Our mugs are the perfect fit for all of your groomsmen. These mugs look like an authentic barrel, with the same classic bands held in place by nails. We offer a range of sizes in our barrel mugs, from half liter to three liters, depending on how serious your groomsmen are about their beer. We have versions both with handles and without to suit the drinking preferences of everyone. The barrel mugs allow for engraving, so you can customize each one with the name of the recipient.

4. Flavoring Barrels

When you can’t decide between a cigar-themed gift and an alcohol-themed gift, give both. A flavoring barrel lets your groomsmen infuse their favorite cigars with their favorite spirits. Imagine their excitement when they find out they can make their own spirit-infused cigars.

The flavoring barrels feature our signature American oak construction. To infuse cigars with a distinct flavor, your groomsmen simply put shots of favorite liquor or essences in the barrel. Whiskey, tequila, bourbon and rum all work for this purpose. Roll the alcohol around, coating the sides of the barrel as you turn. It only takes about 24 to 48 hours to infuse the cigars with the alcohol or essence used. The flavor stays in the cigar while stored in a humidor.

Make it a complete gift by giving your groomsmen everything they need to create their own infused cigars. Include the flavoring barrel, a few cigars and the recipient’s favorite type of spirits. Better yet, buy yourself a flavoring barrel as well so you can infuse cigars ahead of time to go with the barrels you gift your groomsmen.



5. Small Batch Liquor

Carry on with the liquor theme by gifting your groomsmen small batch liquor (here's a list of our favorites). These products typically come from local distilleries, breweries and wineries. Because they are made on a small-batch basis, the spirits often have unique flavor profiles with a higher quality than the typical alcohol you buy at the supermarket. To customize the gift, find a brand that makes the spirits locally. If you’re planning a destination wedding, choose a type of alcohol made in that area. Each time your groomsmen enjoy a swig of their alcohol gift, they remember your wedding day and the location where all the fun happened.

If the liquor doesn’t feel like a big enough gift on its own, pair it with something else. One simple solution is to gift one of our aging barrels along with the alcohol. Another option is to include a corkscrew if you gift your groomsmen wine or a bottle opener if beer is the alcohol gift of choice. If whiskey is on the gift list, throw in a WhiskeyDisk whiskey stone to keep the spirits chilled without getting watered down. By pairing the small batch liquor with another gift, you give the groomsmen something they can consume plus a small gift they can keep to remind them of your wedding day.



Tips for Choosing Groomsmen Gifts

With so many creative options, it’s sometimes tough to choose the best groomsmen gift to buy online. Wedding planning causes enough stress. Don’t worry about your groomsmen gifts. We have some simple tips to help you choose the best gift option for the men in your wedding party:

  • Set your budget: Before you start shopping for the best groomsmen gift for any guy, think about your budget to help you find options that fit within the overall wedding budget. Work with your partner to determine how much money is available for gifts. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on the gifts. You can find many quality gift options under $100 if your budget is limited.
  • Consider their styles and needs: What would your groomsmen really love? What interests do they have that might influence the decision? Really thinking about the personalities of your groomsmen can help you narrow down the options. It’s also important to choose something that is practical or useful in some way to the recipient unless you want the gift to sit around collecting dust.
  • Buy different gifts: There’s no rule that says you have to give every groomsman the same gift. If some of the groomsmen love cigars, go for the cigar humidor or cigar infusion barrel for those party members. If others would rather age their spirits, opt for the American oak aging barrel for those groomsmen. It’s okay to buy different gifts for different groomsmen to make sure everyone is happy.
  • Go for quality: The groomsmen gifts symbolize your appreciation for the men who were there for you throughout the wedding process. Make sure that symbol sends the right message by choosing a quality piece. That doesn’t mean you need to break your budget. It simply means the item you decide on should be something that will last.
  • Create a bundle gift: Bundling several gifts together into one impressive groomsman gift really wows your wedding party. Think of items that go well together, such as several items related to cigars or a group of items with an alcohol theme.
  • Add personalization: A simple way to make groomsmen gifts feel even more special is by personalizing them. Whether you add a monogram or a full name, this simple touch is available on many gift items suitable for groomsmen. Some items allow for longer inscriptions, so you can include a short saying or funny inside joke on the gift.
  • Buy online: With all of the wedding activities leading up to the big day, you don’t have time to wander the mall looking for the perfect gift. When you buy bridal party gifts online, you have the luxury of browsing all the options from home. Once you make your decision, you can easily order the gifts and have them delivered right to your door.
  • Choose the timing: Once you decide on the gift for each groomsman, you need to figure out the timing for presenting the gift. If you choose a larger gift, such as a 10-liter aging barrel, present the gifts at a time and location that makes it easy to store the barrels. Giving the gift at the wedding venue can be challenging because the groomsmen have to worry about keeping track of them during all the activity. A popular option is to present the wedding party gifts at the rehearsal dinner. This allows the groomsmen to put the gifts in their car, take them home or store them in their hotel rooms.

Gifts for bridal party members provide the ultimate thank you to those who stand by your side through it all. At Deep South Barrels, we have a wide range of unique items perfect for your groomsmen gifts and your rustic wedding. Whether you order a personalized American oak aging barrel for the men in your party or go for another gift option, your groomsmen end up with a unique, memorable gift as a keepsake from your big day. Online ordering is quick and easy with laser engraving for simple personalization that sets your groomsmen gifts apart.