The DSB Difference

Who We Are

We specialize in personalized and unique gifts handcrafted from reclaimed oak barrels and new white oak stock. Our American oak aging barrels are more than decorative (although they do make magnificent pieces for your bar.) These little whiskey barrels will smooth, mellow, and enhance the flavor of your favorite whiskey, rum, or tequila, in just a few short weeks. Small liquor barrels have much more surface area compared to their volume so years of aging are achieved in a very short time. Please remember all our American Oak Barrels come with a level 3 medium char.

The Deep South Difference

What sets us apart from everyone else is the specialized customization that we offer. At Deep South Barrels, we can personalize your barrel with beautiful laser engraving. All engraving is completed in house at our Texas location by a team of graphic artists and designers, who will work with you to ensure th

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