4 Holiday Drinks for Your 4th of July Party

July 4th is everyone's favorite summer holiday! The temperatures and the barbecue are hot, and the drinks are cold. Whether you're planning poker night featuring your favorite barrel-aged whiskey or you're thinking an elegant wine tasting, if you're planning to entertain, here are our favorite Fourth of July drink ideas - with uniquely American ingredients, of course!

1. The John Daly

Love him or hate him, John Daly is the dash of vodka that makes the PGA tour just a little bit more entertaining. Celebrate your July 4tj birdie (or, let's face it, par) with a classic John Daly drink. Basically an Arnold Palmer with vodka, you can mix this incredibly refreshing beverage faster using sweet tea vodka from Firefly with premixed, store-bought lemonade.

Mix them in equal parts and serve over ice. Garnish with mint. Looking for something more elaborate? Brew homemade lemonade and sweet tea, add vodka and play with citrus. Lemon is a classic, but orange adds a bit more sweetness and aroma.

2. The Sazerac

This classic mixed drink was invented in New Orleans and is a cult favorite. Purists insist on Peychaud's bitters, but you can substitute Angostura's in a pinch. You'll also need rye whiskey, sugar cubes, absinthe and lemon peels. Muddle the sugar right in the glass with a couple of drops of water and add the ice. Pour whiskey over the top, add the bitters and lemon, and enjoy.

It's strong, so sip slowly - drinking a Sazerac is a marathon, not a sprint. This is also one of the few mixed drinks where using an aged spirit really matters. Deep South Barrels can show you everything you need to know about aging liquor in a barrel, or even making your own rye whiskey in one of our barrels!

3. Mike's Full Moon

Plan to serve beer, but want to give your guests a little something extra? Try adding Mike's Hard Lemonade to Blue Moon and garnish with an orange slice to make a Mike's Full Moon, an easy and refreshing beverage. Although you might not be accustomed to using beer in your mixed drinks, there's no reason you can't start now. Celebrate the birth of our nation by introducing your friends to a new freedom, defined by using beer in cocktails! Serve it up in a DSB barrel mug for even more flair.

4. Sparkling White Wine Cocktail

There are lots of ways to make Champagne cocktail, but our version uses American sparkling white wine. Mix 1/4 part triple sec to one part sparkling white, and add a splash of cranberry juice for color. Use an American bubbly, such as Schramsberg, to substitute for French Champagne and garnish with raspberries and blueberries for a red, white and blue treat that's refreshing, festive and delicious.

Want to save this one for Christmas or New Year's Eve? That's perfect, because this drink's official name is the Poinsettia.

Bonus: One for the Kids

You remember ordering Shirley Temples when you were a kid, but chances are you can't recall what's it's made of. Celebrate classic Americana with the kids with a Shirley Temple, made with ginger ale and just a splash of grenadine. Garnish with a maraschino cherry, and let everyone appreciate the Fourth of July!