How to Use Whiskey Stones

Would you ever add water to a glass of Cabernet? Of course not - for a wine drinker, that's unorthodox! Would you ever add water to a glass of aged whiskey? For the bourbon, whiskey or scotch connoisseur, that's also a crime. But what's the alternative when you want your favorite adult beverage below room temperature?

Whiskey disks, of course! These stones keep whiskey cold without diluting its intense flavor and aroma. Here's what to know about these handy disks and where to buy whiskey stones for your home bar.

What Whiskey Stones Do - and Don't

Keep whiskey stones, or disks, in your freezer, and next time you open up your favorite spirit, pop one inside to enjoy just-chilled taste without diluting the contents. Here's what whiskey stones do, and don't, accomplish.

  • They chill your drink to roughly 50 degrees without adding water. Ice is great - at first. But spend an evening sipping a drink, and you'll likely discover that the ice that so delightfully cooled your drink has now turned it into a watered-down version of yuck. Stones solve that problem without diluting the flavor and aroma you love.
  • They work for more than just whiskey. Whiskey is great chilled, but there are plenty of fine sipping liquors that benefit from disks. Try aged rum or tequila slightly chilled with a stone, and you'll open up your palate to an incredible array of flavors. They're also great for couples who differ on the right temperature for red wine. Although it's properly served below room temperature, many oenophiles prefer it a bit warmer. Disks to the rescue!
  • They won't leach flavor or color into your drink. The only thing a nonporous whiskey stone adds to your drink is cold. Whiskey stones from Deep South Barrels are also softer, and won't scratch glassware. Keep them inside their pouch, included with purchase, and use and transport them with ease.
  • They're easy to care for. Pop your whiskey disks in the dishwasher after use and then put them right back in the freezer for the next time you entertain! They won't absorb flavors or soapy water, so your next drink will taste just as delicious as your first.

Where to Buy Whiskey Stones

Deep South Barrels is proud to offer WhiskeyDisksTM for sale, featuring our distinctive logo. They are packaged individually and are 1.75” in diameter. In addition to whiskey stones, you'll also find a wide range of accessories and American white oak barrels for sale at Deep South Barrels. In addition to individual WhiskeyDisks, we also sell our freezable drink stones as part of our Accessories Value Package. When it comes to enjoying your next round of libations in style, we've got your needs covered!

Deep South Barrels handcrafts American select white oak aging barrels using time-honored construction techniques with no glue or nails. Available in several sizes, you can make your next inexpensive liquor or wine purchase that much more enjoyable when you age it in a DSB barrel. Add a whiskey stone to your drink and you'll make every sip more memorable.