Prep for Independence Day with Barrel Aged Cocktails

One of our absolute favorite holidays is July 4th. The patriotic celebration is a perfect time to celebrate with friends and family, and what better way to ring in America’s birthday than with some delicious barrel-aged cocktails? We pulled a couple of our favorite recipes from the archives, and wanted to share them with you. Get your barrel prepped now, and these will be well on their way to being ready to enjoy by the time July 4th gets here!

Honey Glazed Turkey 101

This reader recipe was submitted by Ryan, out of Pittsburgh, PA. Use a 2L barrel for this one. Combine 1.75L of Wild Turkey 101, one whole vanilla bean (cut to expose seeds), ½ a ground cinnamon stick, and enough honey to finish filling up the barrel. Real honey definitely makes a difference in this recipe!

Once ingredients are combined in the barrel, let sit for up to 21 days, tasting frequently as you go. For your July 4th cookout, try comparing this recipe to plain Wild Turkey – fill shot glasses with some of each, and your guests will marvel at the taste difference!

Honey Whiskey

Mike from Idaho submitted this recipe, which is super easy to mix up, and very delicious! Just take a 3L barrel (Mike had previously used his for aging Crown), and add 3 liters of vodka (we like Taaka brand), ¼ cup of Canadian Rye essence, and 1 cup of honey, heated to thin. Combine in the barrel, and age for 22-45 days, tasting as you go. This makes an excellent shot, and also mixes really well with Sprite or water.

Do you have an aging barrel recipe that you would like to share? Send it to blog@deepsouthbarrels.com, include your name, location, and size of the barrel you aged the recipe in.

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