Deep South Barrels Creates a Tradition of Excellence


Improving on a 4700 year old tradition may be a challenge, but it is a challenge that Deep South Barrels has mastered. Barrel-aging is a process that has been around, in one form or another, since ancient times, and now, home bartenders and fine spirits aficionados can take part from the comfort of their home. No prior knowledge or fancy skill set required, just the desire to enjoy delicious spirits and maybe a little bit of creative inspiration – and a barrel. Not just any barrel though, but one of the mini premium American oak barrels from Deep South Barrels.


Age your spirits quickly!        Endless opportunities!      Create your own unique blends

The Process

Why oak barrels? Simply adding a bottom shelf liquor to a cured mini barrel and letting it sit for a few weeks infuses it with deeper, richer levels of flavor. After several weeks, your inexpensive liquor takes on the flavors and characteristics of much more expensive, top-shelf alcohol. But why specifically the barrels from Deep South Barrels? Because you want to do business with a company that understands and appreciates the process, and wants to help everyone discover the joy that barrel aging spirits at home can bring. Deep South Barrels is a Texas-based company, with Texas values, and a satisfaction guarantee that is unparalleled.

Create your own unique spirit with the Deep South Barrels essences – unique little flavorings that can be combined in the barrel with a neutral grain spirit. You can make taste matches to your favorite brand, or mix up something new and exclusive to you! The options are endless with an aging barrel.

Getting Started

Barrel aging is incredibly easy. Anyone who has a fondness for spirits (whiskey, bourbon, rum, beer, wine, etc.) can get started with one of the 2L oak barrels from Deep South Barrels. The 2L is the most popular size, as it easily fits on any sized kitchen countertop, home bar, or other surface area. Their rustic appearance makes them ideal for any décor. Plus, you have the option to personalize your barrel with your name, initials, favorite saying, or any one of the hundreds of designs that Deep South Barrels has on file. The laser engraving is a way to make the barrel uniquely yours, and a conversation piece that will last for years and years.

Complete satisfaction guarantee on all products.

There is no better gift option than a mini aging barrel. For weddings, birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, or any other special occasion, a barrel from Deep South Barrels gives your loved ones the ability to make their own beverages at home at any time.

Deep South Barrels: bold enough to improve on a 4700 year old tradition – are you?