Rustic Elegance: Repurposing Used Whiskey Barrels

You are probably already familiar with the main use of the oak aging barrels from Deep South Barrels, which is to age and mellow your favorite spirit. They also make excellent, useful decorations for a home bar, kitchen, or man cave. However, there is another way to make the most out of a used oak barrel – by repurposing it as unique, durable home décor.

Reuse and Redecorate

If you have fallen in love with the look of our aging barrels, and want to expand that look and feel to other parts of your house, our used whiskey barrels are the perfect solution. Completely drained of their liquids, these barrels are ideal for use as planters, DIY wine racks, trash cans, and yard or garage storage. They make excellent dog houses as well, whether for the yard or living room. Longer-lasting than boxes or bags, and much more appealing to the eye, the possibilities with oak barrels are endless, and limited only by your imagination.

Many of our customers who have purchased used barrels have turned them into indoor furniture – chairs, table, bar top, and even wood flooring. Have an event such as a wedding or birthday party coming up? Make it a vintage theme with oak barrels providing not only the decoration, but the drink storage as well. Halving a barrel and filling it with ice, and then bottles of beer, sodas, or wine is much more festive than a plain cooler. Check out the photos below for a couple of the ways that our customers have used their barrels to add vintage appeal to different areas of their home.

Environmentally Friendly

Repurposing a whiskey barrel helps reduce excess waste in the environment. It’s a more natural way to decorate. Plus, since the barrels are made from oak, they are biodegradable. Contact Deep South Barrels today to pick up a used whiskey barrel and let your creative juices flow. Call 713-340-3103 ext. 2, and like us on Facebook for updates, news, and advance notification of specials and events.

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Added Jan. 8, 2015 by Christina Nunn.