Utilizing Your Aging Barrel: Infusing Cigars

There are a myriad of ways to use your aging barrel. For cigar enthusiasts, a popular method is to utilize the barrel to infuse cigars with deeper, richer flavor. Whether you smoke cigars occasionally, frequently, or just know someone that does, read on to find out how to add layers of flavor to cigars using an oak aging barrel.

Choose Your Favorite Spirit

Some cigars come pre-infused with different flavors, but many do not. In order to add a superior level of taste to your cigars, simply choose your favorite liquor and add a few shots into your aging barrel. Rum, bourbon, tequila, and brandy are all popular spirits to use that will add an amazing depth of flavor.

Once the liquor is inside the barrel, let the barrel rest on its sides, rolling it gently from side to side occasionally, for at least one full day. The liquor should be soaking into the walls of the barrel, allowing for better cigar infusion. Finally, fill the barrel with your favorite cigars. Replace the cork lid and allow the barrel to sit for several days, letting the cigars absorb all the flavor of the liquor-soaked barrel. When they have rested in the barrel for a few days, you can choose to smoke them right away or store them in your humidor.

Flavor Combinations

When using our cigar barrels, feel free to play around with different liquor and cigar combinations, for maximum flavor opportunity. Keep in mind that when storing your infused cigars, keep them in the humidor only for a short period of time, so as not to oversaturate them.

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