Five of the Best Places to Display Your Aging Barrel

There are so many great areas around your home to keep your Deep South Barrels aging barrel – but we did some of the research for you and narrowed down the absolute ten best places to store your barrel. This list does not include a home bar, because while that is an excellent (and obvious) place to keep your barrel, we wanted to throw out some options for our fans who might not have the additional space.

1.  Nightstand.

Because why not? We have all felt the struggle of wanting a beverage but not wanting to move too much in order to get one. Keeping your barrel on your nightstand might earn you some judgmental looks from relatives, but never from us.

2.  Home Desk

If you have a home office or desk area, consider it a natural place for your aging barrel to rest. Reaching for a perfectly aged cocktail while doing paperwork needn’t be a ten-minute process anymore!

3.  Coffee Table

Who needs coffee when you can start your morning with your favorite bourbon? Not only will your barrel be eye-catching on your coffee table, but it will be easily accessible at almost all hours of the day as well.

barrel coffee table


4. Kitchen Counter

Enjoy a beverage while cooking – store your DSB barrel on your countertop. Many of our customers keep their barrels here, and report that it is a super-convenient location, especially when mixing a new barrel recipe.

5.  Entryway

Greet your guests with a shot and become known as the coolest neighbor around. Our mini barrels fit perfectly on small entryway tables and give your walkway the popular rustic look. 

How do you display your barrel? We want to know! Send us an email at blog@deepsouthbarrels.com, and you could be featured in our next blog post. Added by Christina on May 26.