Five Springtime Cocktails to Get You Through the Holiday Weekend

This weekend, most of the U.S. will be celebrating the arrival of spring, Easter, or Passover, with family and friends. While it is family that makes the world go round, family gatherings themselves can be an experience that could try the patience of a saint. If the sound of crinkling candy wrappers and the sight of your slightly unhinged cousin wearing an Easter bunny costume is likely to drive you to drink, prepare in advance with a couple of our favorite Easter-themed cocktail recipes.

The Blue Cottontail

This one is from Party Ideas Page, and is not only fruity, festive, and blue, but it contains strong doses of vodka and triple sec. Perfect for pre-gaming before the ham even goes into the oven. FInd the recipe here!

Peeps Jello Shots

Earlier this week on our Facebook page, we shared a link to nine different cocktails using Peeps. One of our favorites out of the bunch was the recipe for Peeps Jello Shots, courtesy of Endless Simmer. The idea of a Peeps Jello shot may sound sickeningly sweet at first, and indeed if you do have an aversion to extreme amounts of sugar, you may want to steer clear of these, but for everyone else, these are pastel-colored nirvana. Note: assembly of the Peeps Shots requires a bit of a steady hand, and if you are prone to Pinterest fails and unappealingly-decorated birthday cakes, pick a different poison.

Easter Peeps jello shots

The Hurricane

This isn’t a strictly “Easter celebration” recipe, but the virtue of the Hurricane is that, as the name suggests, it can get you effectively blitzed any time of the year. The Kitchn provides this recipe, in a single serve or pitcher option. It’s sweet, with a nice lemony twist. It also really sneaks up on you, as thousands of Bourbon Street tourists can foggily attest to. In other words, the perfect drink for family gatherings.


Rum, mint, lime juice – what’s not to love? The mojito is a popular springtime libation, and is classy as well as classic, so you can feel fancy even if you are slugging them in rapid succession. The Food Network has a recipe we adore, and bonus – it looks really pretty with very minimal effort, if you are the sort of person who likes to appreciate the aesthetic value of their beverage.

The Easter Bunny

This is a truly magical blend. The vodka is blended with crème de cacao, cherry brandy, and chocolate syrup, so the end result tastes remarkably like a chocolate covered cherry. Drink a couple of these and the worries of the day will melt away, into the sea of discarded plastic egg halves and chintzy toys. Cheers, and a happy holiday weekend to all of our DSB customers!