Meet the Staff

Deep South Barrels is a small business owned and operated by a group of very dedicated individuals. Here you can meet the staff and learn a little bit more about what everyone does here at DSB.

Founding Partner/Owner - Randall Bentley: Randall is one of the owners and original founders of Deep South Barrels, and spends much of his time traveling across the U.S. to shows, conventions, and rodeos, getting the word out about our products, meeting new customers, and cultivating new wholesale accounts.

Operations Manager/Partner - Miranda Knerr: As General Manager at DSB, Miranda coordinates all day to day operations in the office and the warehouse. She has been at Deep South Barrels since the company's inception 2010. She started in sales, building the business on the road with Randall. Her favorite thing about Deep South Barrels is interacting with the customers, whether at shows or over the phone.

Office Manager - Melissa Kloss: As Officer Manager at DSB, Melissa handles the day to day retail operations.  Melissa met Randall and Miranda in 2011 at our first year at the Orange County Fair in California.  Since then she became fast friends of our and quickly started helping out in the booth.  She owns ands uses over a dozen barrels in her own home.   Now 5 years later she has joined the DSB team as a permanent fixture in the office.

Executive Assistant to Miranda and Randall - Tanya: Tanya has known Miranda since the 4th grade. She lived with her for a period of time in High School and have been close ever since. She initally came to us to help us out a couple of days a week with the Christmas crunch. We realized that she would make a perfect member of our team.

Sales Associate - Tim: As a member of our traveling sales team, Maxx has been with the company since April 2014. Tim is an up and coming Country Music Singer and is larger than life.  He is usually found in the booth driving Randall bonkers.   Tim will forever remain a part of the DSB family, he passed away in May of 2018 and will always be missed.

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