Designer Tutorial

In this tutorial we will be selecting a barrel for design and purchase. We will cover simple techniques to get the barrel looking awesome and then add the finished product to our shopping cart.

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Step 1. Select Your Product

Once you select a product that is engraveable, you will see an option in the upper right that says Laser Engraving, select this option to bring up the on-line designer.

Step 1

Step 2. The Designer Pane

To start with you can quick select where you want to begin, either add text or add a design. For the purposes of this tutorial please hit cancel in the lower right.

Step 2

Step 3a. Adding Text

1. Click the "Add Text Button".
2. Choose your font style.
3. Position and size your text using these tools.

Step 3a

Step 3b. Adding Design

1. Add your design, you can choose from stock designs or upload your own artwork.
2. Position and Scale the artwork how you want it.

Step 3b

Step 3c. Advanced Text Effects

1. Make sure to select the text layer you want to add the advanced text effects to.
2. Click the "Advanced" Tab below the positioning options.
3. Click the "Warp" tab.
4. Select the Effect you would like and adjust the slider to increase or decrease the effect amount.

Step 3c

Step 4a. Save or Add to Cart?

You really have two options here:
1: Add the Product to Cart
2: Save the Design so you can edit it later or Email the design to a friend so they can see it.

Step 4a

Step 4b. Choose Add to Cart

This pane pops up when you select Add to Cart, you can either:

  • Design Another product
  • Continue Editing the current design
  • or go to the shopping cart and check out.

Step 4b

That's about the gist of the on-line designer tool, the biggest part of the whole process is to put aside some time to produce something you really like. Cheers!

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