Jon C.

Washington, DC.

Recommended Aging Time:

1-21 days

Barrel Size:

1 Liter

Previous Use of Barrel:


Quantity and Ingredients:

  • Gin (I prefer DC's own Green Hat or Colorado's Caprock)
  • Aperol (or Campari, if you really love the bitter bite)
  • Sweet Vermouth (I like the spice of Dolins)

Add equal parts of everything - so 1/3 L for a 1L barrel. I actually like to keep this on constant rotation, topping off as needed (mix ingredients in a measuring cup before transferring to the barrel to avoid imbalance - you might have to drink some remainders)

Mixing and Aging Instructions:

As a refill, I will occasionally toss in a dash of orange liqueur, bitters, or St. Germain, depending on my mood.

Comments on Taste, Color, Smoothness, Smell, Etc.:

Two weeks really bring out the smooth vanilla notes in the negroni, which unaged can be a sharper cocktail.

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