Using Your Aging Barrel

There are several great options you can utilize in aging spirits in a mini oak barrel.
1-Use your favorite spirit or cocktail (minus any juices or sodas) in the barrel as in any of our barrel aging recipes. Take your favorite Tennessee Whiskey to the next level of flavor in a few short weeks or continue to age up to a month or two. A small whiskey barrel works wonderfully for Canadian and Scotch whiskey, Irish and American whiskey, and even Kentucky bourbon. Tequila and rum produce amazing flavors when poured into a Texas aging barrel as well.
2-Kounterfeiting using our Deep South Spirits essences. These delicious little bottles of flavor should be mixed with a neutral grain spirit such as vodka. We especially recommend the Taaka vodka brand for maximum flavor results. Deep South Spirits are mixed to create a taste match to some of the most popular brands in the world when added to your neutral grain spirit and aged for a short period of time in one of our alcohol aging barrels. This simple process can save you money while providing the same flavor you love from top liquor brands.
3-Use our barrels to age hot sauces, vanillas, maple syrups, vinegars and more at home. A must have for any home cook who loves to expand their flavor profiles. You will be amazed at the flavor these items get from barrel aging. 

Gifts and Accessories

Deep South Barrels offers a number of gift options besides aging barrels. Personalized oak barrelheads make unique wall art, beer mugs crafted to look like our aging barrels are sure to impress, and flavoring barrels infuse your cigars, tobacco, chocolate and more with the flavor of your favorite spirits. We also offer apparel, fun drinking games, shot glass stands, and flasks. Check out our Products page today for all the great options!

Bottom Line

If you still need convincing as to the Deep South Barrels advantage, take a moment and look over the rave customer reviews on our Facebook page, our Google page or Even our Yelp listing.. After reading directly about our exceptional customer service and our top-quality products, you will be ready to start aging your own whiskey at home with the help of Deep South Barrels.

We would love to see you! Our main office is located in Pearland, Texas, just south of Houston. Stop in and see us and place your order today at the retail store front. You can also order online and by phone at 713-436-3448. Shipping is available to any location within the United States. In addition, find us at fairs, festivals, and rodeos all year round, all across America. Check our blog and Facebook page frequently to see where we will be next!

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