Tequila Aged in an Amaretto Barrel

Miranda, Producer of Savor Liquors 
Katy, Texas

First, I started with a new one liter barrel and filled it with Deep South Barrels bootleg Amaretto (which by the way is A-MA-ZING). I let that age for 71 days so it soaked into the wood completely.

Next we filled the barrel with a silver Cazadores tequila and let it age for about 45 days. Afterwards, I bottled it up and passed the bottle around. Below are a few of the comments I recieved about my smooth and very enjoyable Tequila


"explitative AWESOME" from Jose with Earbangers

"soublty smooth and warm with hints of almond" from Brad Jr of Miller's RV

"WOW" from Randall

"hints of the almond warm the tongue nicely but even more amazing chilled" from Miranda

Let me know if you try this recipe yourself.......... now on to the next creation.

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