Tequila with Cinnamon & Orange

Miranda, Producer of Savor Liqours
Katy, Texas

My first batch I put an entire cinnamon stick and it was too much, we wanted sublte not "Hot Damn" so this batch I aged a 100% agave Alteno in the same barrel (after 60 days with an entire cinnamon stick in it)


  • 100% agave Alteno
  • 1 coffee bean
  • 1/2" piece of a vanilla bean
  • 6T orange extract

Aging Time:

64 days

Barrel Size:

1 Liter Barrel

Previous Use of Barrel:

Tequila with an entire cinnamon stick for 60 days, which was way too "Hot Damn" so I skipped the cinnamon on this one but the barrel was already soaked in cinnamon so it was good to go.

Resulting flavor:

Smooth but slightly sweet, nice flavoring of orange and just a subtle hint of the cinnamon (this time), with a nice light golden color, perfect!

Best served with dessert.

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