As you may be aware our area, including our wood supply, was severely affected by Hurricane Harvey. During that time, we lost our complete wood supply. As fresh wood normally needs to be dried in the sun for 18 months before it can be used to create barrels, this has caused some major delays in our production.

Over the last few months we have been trying to speed up the process by using shortcuts to dry the wood to fulfill orders that were placed prior to, during, and after Harvey, and have continued to come in.  It has come to our attention that this “short cut” has been causing additional issues with the barrels. While it is normal for a small percentage of barrels not to seal and need to be replaced, we have been seeing an abnormal amount of the barrels that have been going out during November and December having major leaking issues and have needed to be replaced. Now that the Christmas Holiday is passed we are continuing to dry wood but cannot continue to take these shortcuts and provide you with the quality you expect in Deep South Barrels.

We DO offer International shipping, use our Shipping Quote Request and we will set up the quote for you.

Since alcohol was first produced for human consumption, brewers and distillers have known that properly aging spirits can enhance their quality considerably.

When you buy a wooden whiskey barrel from Deep South Barrels, you’ll feel this history immediately. We handcraft our products using 100% domestically sourced American white oak. All barrels are built by our expert cooper in the traditional style — without nails, glue or other modern production techniques.

If you’re ready to get aging liquor at home, do it right the first time. Deep South Barrels products deliver the quality you need for a superior product, time after time.

Enhance Spirits by Barrel Aging

With DSB mini wooden barrels and related accessories, you can:

  • Age whiskey and other spirits, turning bargain basement booze into top shelf liquor in as little as three weeks.
  • Flavor and age neutral spirits with our “Bootlegger” essences to create your own whiskey, rum, brandy or other liquor from scratch.
  • Infuse cigars with the spirit or essence of your choice.

Visit our Recipes page for inspiration, check out our FAQs for answers to all your pressing questions, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get connected with the entire DSB community.

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Personalized Wooden Barrels

Our products are tools for aging spirits first and foremost, but they’re also an attractive addition to any home bar. At Deep South Barrels, all our whiskey barrels can be laser engraved with your name or a text and logo combination of your choice.

Be sure to check out our complete selection of home bar accessories and supplies, too, for Deep South Barrels-branded shot glasses, mason jars, bar mats and more. Our products make a great gift for your groomsmen or bridal party, or for anyone in your life who appreciates fine aged whiskey and other spirits.


We Guarantee Your Satisfaction

At Deep South, we’re proud to part of a long tradition of American craftsmanship. All our engraved whiskey barrels, DIY liquor aging kits and other items are backed by a two-year warranty and a comprehensive satisfaction guarantee. That’s quality you can count on, whether you’re aging a fine scotch, flavoring a cigar or making your own rum.


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